There are opportunities for many exciting fishing experiences in both rivers and lakes on our properties? Here you’ll find some of the finest fly fishing areas for Salmon fishing in the country and countless small and large lakes in untouched nature.

Salmon fishing:

On traditional Renå Lodge in Meråker we offer salmon fishing on a approximately 6,5 km long varied stretch of river with traditional and local food for groups of up to 10 people. Furthermore, we offer exciting salmon fishing in the upper parts of Forra river, which is a tributary of Stjørdalselva. We also have fishing rights in Homla river in Malvik municipality.

Inland fishing:

There are also facilities for the practice of sport fishing in Meråker. It sold one license, Meråker card, which applies to almost the entire municipality. Here you will find many exciting fishing waters. Several of our cottages in Meråker is excellent starting point for exciting fishing trips. Welcome to angling in Meråker!