About us

Forestry and land management

AS Meraker Brug is a Norwegian property and asset management company. Forestry, rental of hunting and fishing rights, rental of cabins and development of cabin areas currently comprise our core operations. The company owns properties that cover a total area of around 320,000 acres and our main administration is at Brugetsgården in Meråker in Trøndelag.

Long and proud history

The company is primarily owned by Stiftelsen Thomas Fearnley, Heddy and Nils Astrup and the company Astrup Fearnley A/S. It has a total of 85 shareholders. Meraker Brug’s predecessor was Selbo Kobberverk which, in 1887, became Meraker Brugs Aktieselskab before AS Meraker Brug was founded in 1906. At this time, the company comprised many different operations, including forestry and land management, a carbide factory, pulp mill, mining operations and a limestone quarry.