Historic and sought-after fishing beats on the Stjørdalselva River

TAILORED: 18 designated pools and a stretch of 6.5 km on both sides of the river offer optimal angling conditions at all water levels.
RIVER AT YOUR DISPOSAL: We will tailor the package to ensure that you can spend as much time as possible by the river.
PHOTOGRAPHY: We will document your catch before the salmon are carefully released.

At the splendid Renå Lodge you can enjoy a legendary day in the footsteps of the salmon lords. Time-honoured traditions are maintained with pride. Our hosts will cater for your every need. Our beats are at your disposal, and nothing here is left to chance. Food and accommodation are part of your package. The river winds through the valley and sparkles in its magnificence. The salmon jump and awaken your fishing instinct right below the historic lodge in which you are staying. You can hear them splashing while you enjoy a cup of coffee on the balcony before the fishing trip starts. Our competent and experienced fishing guides are at your disposal. But nothing compares to standing in the river. Hear the water trickle, watch the sun as it sets or rises. Feel the raindrops pounding in tandem with your pulse, which races in excitement. A great salmon catch is a mere bonus as you stand here free from the stresses of day-to-day life. This is meditation. This is where you recharge your batteries. Find your pool, choose your fly.

Our guides know what today’s salmon prefer. Moreover, we believe sustainable fishing is important, and we often prefer to “catch and release”. After photographing you and your catch, we often release the salmon back into the river. We will do whatever we are able to do to ensure you have the best possible experience. An adventure you will want to return to. Welcome to Renå Lodge!

After breakfast we meet our guide for the day, and the strategy for the day is made. Information about water levels and other important factors is issued, and a rotation schedule regarding pools and who should fish where is decided.

What are the most suitable salmon flies today? The tension mounts!  Some people decide on a Pathakorva, while others choose a Shrimp Fly. The fishermen position themselves in their designated pools, with names like Purgatory, Hell and other terrifying names. Is it the correct fly? Should the line be changed? Are you standing in the right spot? If nothing happens, you must consider making some changes. In such cases, it’s useful to have a bothy for changing flies and lines, whatever the weather. And how are the others doing? They’re biting! Now it’s all about keeping a clear head! And sometimes, size really does matter! The fish are photographed and released. Fishing in Renå must be sustainable!

We eat dinner early, often around 15.00. This is so we can use as much of the day as possible. Over pure home-made food from the Trondheim region, there’s a buzz of conversation. Who caught the biggest fish? It still wasn’t as big as the one that got away!

After dinner there’s another trip to the river. It’s all about extracting as much as possible from this beautiful day. Supper is the last stop before sleep beckons. And while the walls whisper about English lords and salmon fishing from bygone days, you fall asleep to the rush of the river that never completely lets go.

A few facts on the Renå:

  • Fishing takes place in 18 designated pools along a 6.5 km stretch on both sides of the river.
  • 8 boats are strategically placed along the stretch of river and will ferry you across, if required. Wading may be necessary and we recommend waders/boots. This stretch of river is superb for fly fishing, but spin fishing with spoon bait is also permitted. In recent years, the fishing in the Renå has been very good. It is pleasing to note that the average weight in the entire river has increased. Active work with the continuous introduction of spawn means that the Stjørdalselva River faces a bright future. In order to ensure this we therefore prefer that fishing takes places according to the “catch & release” method.
  • One guide per group is included in the package. If more guides are required, this can be arranged. We recommend using a 13–15 foot two-hand rod and various types of line. There is some equipment available at the lodge if there is anything you’re missing. We also have life vests you can borrow. It would be an advantage if you were proficient at spey casting, or underhand casting, as it is also called. The lodge, where the old English building is the main building, is halfway along the stretch of river. It is within walking distance to some of the pools, and a short car ride is organised to the other pools.
  • Accommodation facilities are split between two buildings. All meals are served in the English building. In the English building there are also 6 bedrooms, and the annexe has 4 additional bedrooms. I Engelskbygningen finnes også 6 soverom, og det tilhørende annekset har ytterligere 4 soverom
  • Generally, three meals a day are served: breakfast, dinner and supper. We have personnel in place who prepare the meals.
  • Renå Lodge is around 30 minutes from Trondheim Airport, Værnes.

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