Guided elk hunt with gun dog – a unique hunting adventure

Perhaps you will take the trophy?

Your heart is beating. You approach the elk and hear the dog about 100 metres away. You steal silently through the forest and hope the wind is on your side. As your breath makes contact with the light, a golden glimmer appears through frozen branches. You don’t know what to expect, and the excitement is indescribable as you get closer and closer. Suddenly you’re standing there – you, the dog and the king of the forest. You catch a glimpse of the splendid antlers between the branches, just 10 metres away. A few magical seconds feel like an eternity as you pull the trigger. This is the moment that counts. This is the moment you will write your own, unique hunting history.

Elk hunting with gun dogs

Elk hunting with gun dogs is a form of hunting that offers maximum excitement and many memorable anecdotes. It is one of the most difficult and most ultimate forms of hunting in which you can participate in Norway. You use the elk’s defensive instinct; the elk positions itself for the dog. If the elk starts moving, the dog will keep up with it at walking speed. If the elk runs, the dog remains motionless.

Large hunting grounds

Meraker Brug offers a large elk population and impressive hunting grounds. In autumn 2017, the equivalent of one elk was felled every other day by our hunters. You can enjoy beautiful, varied nature, and 1,200 km² of hunting grounds offer endless opportunities. Everything from dense young forest, primeval forest and open marshland to pine forests surrounded by mountains. Excellent grazing grounds and hiding places offer good access to elk.

  • Suitable for groups of 2–8 hunters
• Hunters will be accompanied by a local hunting guide and dog
• Exclusive hunting on around 125,000 acres.
• Large elk population and generous quotas
• First rate accommodation and service
• 45 mins from Trondheim Værnes Airport

Tailored hunting packages

We have a long tradition of offering tailored hunting packages and note that many of our guests regularly return. You, your friends and your colleagues can experience a memorable hunting trip and also relax in splendid surroundings. The package includes food and accommodation as well as experienced hunting guides and dogs. The food is local and is prepared by skilled chefs. You will live and relax at either the magnificent Brugetsgården or Renå Lodge, providing perfect conditions for your stay.

Take part in a completely different and individually tailored hunting experience. We guarantee your pulse will race. You will also be warmly welcomed by our hosts.

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