Excellent hunting grounds, and beautiful nature

The hunting grounds open up. The mountain is clad in autumn colours: red, yellow and orange. It is 10 September and the hunt has just started. The dog is waiting quietly just ahead of you. It is on point, and your pulse rises as you approach. Ahead of you is a covey of grouse, and you will have your chance in a few seconds.

Suddenly you hear the flapping of wings and the covey of grouse flies up in a fan formation. You fire and one of the grouse falls to the ground. At your command, the dog runs and collects the grouse. This is a perfect hunting day in the mountains. The dog obeys, the shots hit their target – and the nature is stunning.

Tailored for you

We want to offer you the perfect grouse hunt in the mountains. We offer huge hunting grounds and associated cabins to you and your hunting companions. Many of the cabins are beautifully located in the middle of the hunting grounds. Several of the cabins are adjacent to excellent fishing lakes, which means that you can also fish during your stay. We can also tailor the trip offering both transport and different forms of service according to your needs.

You will hunt in magnificent Trøndelag mountain terrain with 26 summits above 1,000 metres. As well as hunting, such surroundings offer an excellent opportunity to simply enjoy the tranquillity of nature. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Good management

We wish to practise sustainable game management. Every year a grouse count is conducted, and we impose different forms of hunting restrictions. We aim to achieve a balanced rental policy that caters for both local hunters and hunters from out of town. The hunting season for rock ptarmigan and willow grouse is from 10.9 until 28.2. Welcome to grouse hunting in the Meråker mountains.

You can read more about grouse hunting on this page.